Shortwave Tx lists

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Radio Program on this page: ChinaRadioInt at 00 o'clock UTC.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
6032300-0100CHNChina Radio Int.VNSEA
6840000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.KHSEA
15210000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.RSib
59900000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.RSib
59900000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.SCar
60200000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ENAm
60750000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ESAs
61000000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.PSAm
61002330-0030CHNChina Radio Int.SICLN
61800000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ESAs
72050000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MOMNG
72602330-0030CHNChina Radio Int.SISAs
73500000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.EEu
74150000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.RSib
74250000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ESAs
94250000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.EFE
94350000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MSEA
94600000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.HKSEA
94700000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MOMNG
95500000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.HKSEA
95700000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ENAm
95902300-0100CHNChina Radio Int.SSAm
96100000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.HKSEA
97100000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.PSAm
97650000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.KHSEA
98002300-0100CHNChina Radio Int.SSAm
98600000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.HKPHL
117700000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.VNSEA
117800000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MFE
117900000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ESEA
118200000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.CASEA
118850000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ESEA
119000000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MFE
119750000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MINS
119900000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.KHSEA
120350000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MSEA
135800000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MSEA
136550000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.MFE
137700000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.VNSEA
151200000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.SSAm
151250000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.ESEA
174900000-0100CHNChina Radio Int.CASEA