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Radio Program on this page: IRIBVoiceofIRIran at 06 o'clock UTC.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
5760330-1630IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranAME
6120523-1630IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranAME
7020323-0920IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranAZCau
7200300-1500IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranDRAFG
7650230-1250IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranASAs
10980253-0620IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranDRAFG
12240000-2400IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranAME
13230323-0920IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranAZCau
137400550-0820IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranDRCAs
137800600-0830IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranAME
138200530-0730IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranAME
153600550-0650IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranHAWAf