Shortwave Language lists

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Language on this page: K - Korean - at 06 o'clock UTC.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
6210330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
6570330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
8010330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
8550330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
9720350-1400KORKBS HanminjokKFE
11881900-1100PHLFEBC ManilaKFE
15661900-1100PHLFEBC ManilaKFE
23502030-1830KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE
28502030-1830KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE
32202030-1830KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE
32500330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
32550530-2330CLAVoice of the PeopleKKRE
33200330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
34800530-2330CLAVoice of the PeopleKKRE
39100530-2330CLAVoice of the PeopleKKRE
39300530-2330CLAVoice of the PeopleKKRE
39450430-0630KREEcho of UnificationKKOR
39592030-1830KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE
39690430-0630KREEcho of UnificationKKOR
39762030-1830KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE
39850555-2400CLAEcho of Hope VOHKKRE
44500530-2330CLAVoice of the PeopleKKRE
44500330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
45570330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
48850555-2400CLAEcho of Hope VOH 2KKRE
59050430-0630KREEcho of UnificationKKOR
59200300-0800KORVoice of FreedomKKRE
59750600-0900Th-TuCHNChina National Radio 8KCHN
59950555-2400CLAEcho of Hope VOHKKRE
60150350-1400KORKBS HanminjokKFE
60450300-0800KORVoice of FreedomKKRE
61002030-0905KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE
62500555-2400CLAEcho of Hope VOHKKRE
62500430-0630KREEcho of UnificationKKOR
63500555-2400CLAEcho of Hope VOH 3KKRE
64000330-0730KREPBS Pyongyang PansongKFE
65200530-2330CLAVoice of the PeopleKKRE
66000530-2330CLAVoice of the PeopleKKRE
91000555-2400CLAEcho of Hope VOHKKRE
96652030-1830KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE
97850600-0900Th-TuCHNChina National Radio 8KCHN
116802030-1830KREKCBS PyongyangKKRE