Shortwave Tx lists

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
6210730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
32500730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
44050630-0730KREVoice of KoreaEFE
44050730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJFE
72200630-0730KREVoice of KoreaEFE
72200730-0830KREVoice of KoreaKFE
75800730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
94450630-0730KREVoice of KoreaEFE
94450730-0830KREVoice of KoreaKFE
96500730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
97300630-0730KREVoice of KoreaEFE
98750730-0930KREVoice of KoreaRFE
117350630-0730KREVoice of KoreaFLAm
117350730-0930KREVoice of KoreaRFE
118650730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
136500630-0730KREVoice of KoreaMSEA
137600630-0730KREVoice of KoreaFLAm
137600730-0930KREVoice of KoreaREu
151050630-0730KREVoice of KoreaMSEA
151800630-0730KREVoice of KoreaFLAm
152450730-0930KREVoice of KoreaREu