Shortwave Tx lists

Updated on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 21:10:25 +0100.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
3594.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
4558.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
5154.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
7039.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
8495.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
10872.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
13528.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
16332.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE
20048.30000-2400RUSChannel Marker K-CWFE