Shortwave Language lists

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Language on this page: F - French / Francais / Frans - at 10 o'clock UTC.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
16710850-1030FRadio Vacation PcheFWEu
19111048-1103MRCAgadir RadioFMRC
26001000-1015REUCROSSRU La RunionFWIO
26001030-1045REUCROSSRU La RunionFWIO
2608.40000-2400FFUO Toulon STANAGFEu
27051010-1020COGPointe Noire RadioFCOG
27890000-2400FFUE Brest STANAGFEu
39650100-0057FRadio France DIGITALFEu
42710000-2400NCLFUJ Nouma STANAGFOc
42950000-2400FFUE Brest STANAGFEu
5215.60000-2400FFUO Toulon STANAGFEu
60300600-1100Mo-SaCAFRadio MaingoFCAF
61750900-1200FRadio France DIGITALFSEu
63480000-2400FFUE Brest STANAGFEu
64060000-2400FFUE Brest STANAGFEu
84530000-2400FFUG La Regine STANAGFEu
8478.50000-2400MRTFUF Martinique STANAGFCar
86250000-2400OCEFUM Tahiti StanagFOc
86460000-2400NCLFUJ Nouma STANAGFOc
96500600-0001GUIRadio GuineFWAf
9910.70000-2400NCLFUJ Nouma STANAGFOc
12144.60000-2400NCLFUJ Nouma STANAGFOc
12664.50000-2400OCEFUM Tahiti StanagFOc
12666.60000-2400REUFUX STANAGFEAf
128570000-2400SEN6WW Dakar STANAGFWAf
12873.60000-2400FFUG La Regine STANAGFEu
129610000-2400REUFUX Runion StanagFOc
13031.20000-2400MRTFUF Martinique STANAGFCar
13042.50000-2400DJIFUV Djibouti STANAGFEAf
134100000-2400SEN6WW Dakar STANAGFWAf
169050000-2400DJIFUV Djibouti STANAGFEAf
16951.50000-2400SEN6WW Dakar STANAGFWAf
169570000-2400NCLFUJ Nouma STANAGFOc
16961.50000-2400MRTFUF Martinique STANAGFOc
175201055-113025DecCVARadio VaticanaFAf
18493.50000-2400DJIFUV Djibouti STANAGFEAf
18598.40000-2400NCLFUJ Nouma STANAGFOc
224470000-2400DJIFUV Djibouti STANAGFEAf
224610000-2400NCLFUJ Nouma STANAGFOc