Shortwave Language lists

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Language on this page: IN - Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia - at 10 o'clock UTC.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
33250800-1703INSRRI PalangkarayaININS
33250800-1703INSRRI PalangkarayaININS
33451000-1505irrINSRRI Ternate (Maluku)ININS
47500745-1558INSRRI Makassar (Sulawesi)ININS
98401030-1100VTNVoice of VietnamININS
116001000-1100TWNRadio Taiwan Int.ININS
117001030-1130CHNChina Radio Int.ININS
119151000-1100TWNRadio Taiwan Int.ININS
119651030-1100SuGUMKTWR Trans World RadioINSEA
120191030-1100VTNVoice of VietnamININS
151351030-1130CHNChina Radio Int.ININS
216700900-1200ARSBSKSA RiadININS