Shortwave Language lists

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Language on this page: J - Japanese - at 10 o'clock UTC.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
6210730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
32500730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
39250800-1200JRadio Nikkei 1JFE
39252155-1500JRadio Nikkei 1JFE
39450900-1400Mo-FrJRadio Nikkei 2JFE
44050730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJFE
60552155-1500JRadio Nikkei 1JFE
60700930-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
60951000-1100KORKBS World RadioJFE
61150900-1400Mo-FrJRadio Nikkei 2JFE
73251000-1100CHNChina Radio Int.JFE
75800730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
94401000-1100CHNChina Radio Int.JFE
95952155-1500JRadio Nikkei 1JFE
96500730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
97500800-1600JNHK Radio JapanJFE
97600900-1400Mo-FrJRadio Nikkei 2JFE
98050900-1100KORKBS World RadioJFE
118150900-1500JNHK Radio JapanJSEA
118650730-1330KREVoice of KoreaJJ
120351030-1100MNGVoice of MongoliaJAs
120851030-1100MNGVoice of MongoliaJAs
138301050-1150IRNIRIB Voice of I.R.IranJJ