Shortwave Tx lists

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Radio Program on this page: VoiceofKorea at 16 o'clock UTC.

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Frequency Time Days ITU Station Language Target/Direction
35601530-1630KREVoice of KoreaEFE
35601630-1730KREVoice of KoreaFFE
44051430-1630KREVoice of KoreaRFE
44051630-1730KREVoice of KoreaDFE
61701430-1630KREVoice of KoreaREu
61701630-1730KREVoice of KoreaDEu
75701530-1630KREVoice of KoreaEEu
75701630-1730KREVoice of KoreaFEu
94251430-1630KREVoice of KoreaREu
94251630-1730KREVoice of KoreaDEu
94351530-1630KREVoice of KoreaENAm
94351630-1730KREVoice of KoreaFNAm
98901530-1630KREVoice of KoreaAME
98901630-1730KREVoice of KoreaEME
116451530-1630KREVoice of KoreaAME
116451630-1730KREVoice of KoreaEME
117101530-1630KREVoice of KoreaENAm
117101630-1730KREVoice of KoreaFNAm
120151530-1630KREVoice of KoreaEEu
120151630-1730KREVoice of KoreaFEu
120151430-1630KREVoice of KoreaREu
120151630-1730KREVoice of KoreaDEu
137601530-1630KREVoice of KoreaEEu
137601630-1730KREVoice of KoreaFEu
152451530-1630KREVoice of KoreaEEu
152451630-1730KREVoice of KoreaFEu